Project: William Morris

Prototype and projection testing

To know more about projection, I did some testing to switch the projecting pattern on the physical postcard roughly. My future work connects the javascript with MadMapper file, control the projection switch through the points on the map interface (-> link).     The prototype and survey result shows below.      … More

Human library

“Just like in a real library, a visitor to the Human Library can choose a Book from a range of titles. The difference is that Books are people, and reading is a conversation.” I’ve know the organization Human Library for a period. When Betty mentioned Little Free Library in Walthamstow, I surveyed it again as a reference and found out that their idea was challenging the stereotypes and prejudices through dialogue. The diversity of world results in many differences, which exist between cultures, races, religions, sex, politics …. it is easy to resist the unknowns and simplify them to an unpleasant conception. Sometimes if we… More

The map leads to …

“What sort of society are we trying to realize? How should we act in order to bring it about?”  –William Morris, News From Nowhere   So far we’ve decided to focus on a few main themes: sharing mutual memories the participation from community shorten the distance between different culture craft spirit Initially, our conception(shown in the following figures) was about creating the ideal city or garden based on the current Walthamstow map. On the first presentation in this term, both Betty and me chose map as the… More

Primary research in Walthamstow

For knowing more about Walthamstow community, we visited there again and I tried to collect the colors from building, plants and people’s clothes, compared it now and then. The color collection plan was not so successful since the color record in William Morris’s generation was only paintings.        Walked around in the borough was a nice way of thinking. Betty noticed the little library box and The Salvation Army shop, both of them was based on the spirit of “sharing”. One man’s trash was another man’s treasure, and your every possession might had it own story behind. This conception and the interview we did… More

Where is the utopia

The novel “News from Nowhere” is my most impressive part in William Morris Gallery.This soft science fiction describes a Victorian’s unexpected time travel to the year 2102, and the discovery of future society frees from capitalism, isolation and industrialisation. As a socialism, William Morris illustrates an utopia where resources are sharing and the concept of private property is gone. Just like the audiences of “Back to the future” compare the future scene in the movie with 2015 in reality, I am wondering how does William Morris fell once he witnesses the society nowadays? Look closer to Walthamstow, Morris’s family home in his childhood, can we find any connection… More