Project: Social Things

3nd Prototype: the space for temporary escaping

To revise the photo sticker booth prototype, I came up with a new idea to make the audience experience escape(which was inspired by the moment I downloaded the game Dragon Quest 3 on my mobile and attempted to escape from the never-ending prototype irritation a while). In my imaginary scenario, there is a locker for storing the pressure temporarily, then I can leave it outside and enter a dreamy space for escaping what I don’t wanna face with now. But in the end, I still need to back to the reality and the locker would return the stored pressure to me. To… More

The references of “making kawaii space”

To achieve an idea of “making kawaii space”, I visited some places to collect the references and get the inspiration from them. The UK fashion brand “Irregular Choice” specialises in unique footwear, bags and accessories. The initial idea of its brightly coloured and unusual designs was created in response to “boring” and “very black and brown” British High Street fashions in the late 1990s. Nowadays, the design was presented by popular Disney cartoon characters and pattern with kawaii elements. The interior design of its store is remarkable to create the fancy, dreamy aura for their clients. From furry teddy bear… More

2nd Prototype: step into photo sticker booth

To build a device/space expressing the idea behind “Your Heart is an Empty Room”, I listed the following questions: What is the more significant interaction for the audience to trigger the device/space? (more reasonable than just touching the object) Compared with jelly, is there any better choice of medium to be my interface? What else consequence after interaction besides the projection to convey the emotion? (sound?) For the more reasonable scenario, I selected to change my prototype to be a photo sticker booth(プリクラ, purikura). The interior space of the booth would be a narrow personal area allowing people to decorate their photo stickers with any kawaii… More

Your Heart is an Empty Room – project synopsis

(This paragraph is the synopsis for Ars Electronica, and also for clarifying my core ideas.)   Kawaii is an adjective meaning cute in the Japanese culture context, which is usually represented by visual hallmarks as pastel colours, round shapes, and cartoon baby animals, even if being linked to the eccentric or the child sometimes. When the kawaii culture lovers, no matter they express in dressing in Lolita and Harajuku style costumes or purchasing daily commodities with kawaii characters patterns, are asked the meaning of kawaii, what attracts them is the therapeutic effect for its warm, cheering qualities and the spirit of self-expression. On the… More

1st Prototype: the fantasy of jelly

For my first prototype, I selected jelly as the medium to explore its possibility. With the following characteristics of jelly: The distinctive sense of touch and smooth texture which brings therapeutic feeling. The translucent material which is able to project light. Plasticity to shape as any cute shapes or character statuette. It is edible. Eating might be a possible way to interact with the audience. It worth to explore that how to extend the jelly idea to more haptic design. I attempted to express the contradictive mental state that self-therapy and escape exist on both sides. I… More

Isolation in psychology

Social Isolation For Introverts, enjoy spending lots of time alone might be a relief, and social interaction makes them feel drained, whereas extroverts prefer the company of others and are recharged through social interaction. But is it always good to stay in solitude? Social isolation—the absence of social relationships—is typically considered unhealthy when people spend excessive time alone, particularly when they no longer benefit from it. Socially isolating can mean staying home for days, not chatting with friends or acquaintances, and generally avoiding contact with other people. Social isolation may be indicated when a person’s avoidance of social interaction:… More

Social photosynthesis

“People were attracted to cute design for its warm, cheering qualities… These type of products could disguise and compensate for the very alienation of individuals from other people”. ⸺ Sharon Kinsella, Cuties in Japan, 1995 A: What kawaii means to you? Q: To us, kawaii means creativity, self-expression, positivity. Kawaii is something bright, sweet and lightens up your day… some of our readers said kawaii means cuteness and fun, but there were also a few readers who said that they see it more as an escape, a happy place away from the harshness of the world. More