Project: FMP


Abstract Data is part of everyday life, it affects people’s decisions, mutations and differences. In this project, I attempted to explore whether online communication resembles an “echo chamber” (as a result of selective exposure and ideological segregation). Start from the observation of political issues (e.g., 2016 Brexit and American presidential elections), to discuss that information was exchanged primarily among individuals with similar ideological preferences, and the consequences that when the fact contradicts the experience of believing. To face the disappointment associated with the destruction of expectation, the installation I intend to design is a guide for disillusion. To show the contrast between one’s preconceived… More

FMP Proposal Update

Chapter outlines and bibliography Introduction (starting point, inspiration, study field) Relationship Prediction (contextual research) 2.1 Dataclysm: what our online lives tell us about our offline selves 2.2 Affective Forecasting: the possibility of emotion prediction 2.3 Love Lab: what makes love last Disillusion Forecasting (my opinion) 3.1 Expectations in Relationship 3.2 Facing Imperfection 3.3 Imperfect perfection? Conclusion Research question If we have more understanding of human nature, will the human emotions be more predictable? Will predictions of future emotions assist us with better determination? Once the result of predictions do not satisfy our anticipations, how do we face… More

Disillusion forecast: can big data prediction help us to face the imperfect reality?

Field of Study In the age of big data, wearable devices, medical records and browsing history are stored and analysed in every moment, data scientists attempt to predict our health conditions, personal preference, shopping behaviour and even emotion. The deluge of data not only for more business opportunities, this information helps us explore human experience and behaviour out of unconscious(C. Rudder, 2014). If we have more understanding of human nature, will the human emotions be more predictable? With big data, it might be the best opportunity to think of affective forecasting (Wilson, T., & Gilbert, D. 2003), will predictions of future emotions assist… More


Research Problem: Digital Data After We Die Execution Duration: 6 months Field of Study: The specific area you will research, the discipline your project exists within.  [2 weeks] – Find the themes/burning issues and related specific area, describe why they are important. – Develop the mind map of the themes/burning issues, connect to the wider context. Literature Review(Contextual Research): For context currently out there [4 weeks] – Summarise the current knowledge of research in this defined area. – Compare, contrast and relate different theories and practices. – Historical context(before) and contemporary context(now). – Explain your intention, what you… More

Reverse Engineering: No Place Like Home

Title No Place Like Home – reimagination of objects from traditional shoe-making industry Field of Study In this project, I plan to start from the everyday objects in the traditional industry – shoes, give the imagination from literature or culture and explore the potential relationships between users and things. Through the interaction with our prototype, I hope to bring a reflection on reconnecting people to the craftsmanship inherent in shoe-making, and also stretch the boundaries of possibility for the industry. Context It is the commission from Global Footprint project in Northamptonshire, the county which was famous for the shoes-making traditional industry. More