As an interdisciplinary design student, I am always interested in how does technological evolution adjust the landscape of our modern life, and intend to envision the influence. I was looking for the burning issue about big data and social network before, till I read the book “Automate This: How Algorithms Came to Rule Our World” by Christopher Steiner, as the title, the book tells the story of how algorithms took over and shows why the bot revolution is about to spill into every aspect of our lives, often silently.

The chapter talks about invisible algorithms in the pop music industry inspired me, there are so many speculations about what if artificial intelligence or robot has emotion and get indistinguishable from the human being someday, which sounds still far away to me personally. Before the day for realizing the speculations has arrived, it is fascinating to think of the footprint to achieve it, what characteristics make the human unique, distinguishable from the machine, and behave human? Start from the connection between hit song science, AI-generated music and creativity, it is a fascinating idea to think of the way machine learns the creative process from human and the value of human creativity.

To envision my intention, I don’t want to do general data visualisation – for example, Visualizing the Structure of Pop Music ( is beautiful, but that is not the direction I would like to go. Critical visualization of Karin von Ompteda ( provides me with the sign that envisioning the data to the objects, environments and experiences.