Under the influence of automation and artificial intelligence(AI), it would be the tendency that more and more human routine jobs replaced by the machine. In the past, we always regarded the creative and innovative job as something irreplaceable since it highly related to inspiration, emotion and originality from the human spirit. Now with the acceleration of technological revolution, the machine is getting advanced in the creative process, and it is the timing to rethink the critical role AI play in the creative process, while it provides the counselling service, and even generated their own piece of work.

In this project, I attempt to research the influence artificial intelligence causes on the human creative process. Starting from the existed researches and applications in the current English-speaking pop music industry, to discuss that formula to get commercial success and the possible consequences of the reliance on predicting hit potential. Furthermore, when machine learning approach, which is the subset of artificial intelligence field, develops the new feasibility of learning without human intelligent input, AI-generated music bring more uncertainties waits to explore.

Since creation and explication is a series of the decision-making process, once its aesthetics and humanity are decomposed to only the rules and patterns, will the talent of innovation and creation still be superior and unique? While the machine was taught how to learn the way human creating, and human relies more on the utilization of artificial intelligence in the creative process, it would face a dilemma that getting progress or strangling the possibility of creation. If creativity is no longer an exclusive right of the human, and the definition of authorship is ambiguous, how can we ensure the creative work fruit belongs to the human or the machine? To speculate the scenario of pop music creation in the future, it would be an opportunity for the human to have a rethinking about the meaning behind creation.