To visualise my idea of diorama: the satire existence between real/nature/past history and fake/artificial/future scene, I ever considered the following materials to produce the prototype:

  1. paper model
  2. lego
  3. miniature
  4. digital scene (build in C4D)
  5. project with the tangible model

But all of these seems not fit to my conception. The diorama should not be a miniature or virtual one, it should be the duplicated reality from the original version, somewhere seems like the old one, but actually not.

I was really stuck for a long time but then inspired by the diorama of Kowloon Walled City recreation finally. The format I selected to expressing the diorama is an amusing attraction, which was vanished by ourselves, but then be represented as a dreamland,”ideal reality” in imagination. It is the ride of fake dream tour.