To achieve an idea of “making kawaii space”, I visited some places to collect the references and get the inspiration from them.

The references of "making kawaii space"
The UK fashion brand “Irregular Choice” specialises in unique footwear, bags and accessories. The initial idea of its brightly coloured and unusual designs was created in response to “boring” and “very black and brown” British High Street fashions in the late 1990s. Nowadays, the design was presented by popular Disney cartoon characters and pattern with kawaii elements. The interior design of its store is remarkable to create the fancy, dreamy aura for their clients.

From furry teddy bear to the little music box with the princess’ statuette, various of kawaii icon was put on their products. It is really crazy, but way not? Kawaii should be wild and unlimited.

The references of "making kawaii space" 1The references of "making kawaii space" 4
The references of "making kawaii space" 7The references of "making kawaii space" 3

The references of "making kawaii space" 2The references of "making kawaii space" 6


In the degree show of Art Programme in Central Saint Martin, I was attracted by two works related to making the space to convey the certain aura:

2nd Prototype: photo sticker booth 1

1. “So okay, I don’t want to be a traitor to my generation and all but … the 90’s stink”

– Michelle von Mandel from MA Art and Science

This project was not designed for kawaii aura but the artist built a corner with fragrances, colours and objects in daily life to represent an exploration of nostalgia in the 90’s.

2nd Prototype: photo sticker booth 2

2. Play Space

– Michelle Yasuda from MA Fine Art

As an artist with the background of Japenese pop culture, she has created a play space for grown-ups to take a moment to relax, which was inspired by a childhood of watching anime cartoons and her explorations into motherhood that becoming a mother by giving birth to the original baby mascot that she designed.


All the references above show the different way to display an aura in a room, and I need to go deeper: what kind of feeling I suppose to convey to the audience in my space?