To revise the photo sticker booth prototype, I came up with a new idea to make the audience experience escape(which was inspired by the moment I downloaded the game Dragon Quest 3 on my mobile and attempted to escape from the never-ending prototype irritation a while). In my imaginary scenario, there is a locker for storing the pressure temporarily, then I can leave it outside and enter a dreamy space for escaping what I don’t wanna face with now. But in the end, I still need to back to the reality and the locker would return the stored pressure to me.

To complete the whole project, I combined the locker idea to the original photo sticker booth. The locker/box could be a trigger that the audience can drop any personal belonging represents their pressure, once the pressure/object was detected, the fancy projections with live view will be triggered and showed the audience a dreamy space. When the ending button was pressed, the projection would be gone and pressure/object would drop out to return.

3nd Prototype: the space for temporary escaping 4

After depicting the sketch and discussing the practicality with Gareth, I supposed to build the device with the following Arduino components and MadMapper features:

  1. Distance sensor: to detect whether the object dropping in the box.
  2. Servo motor: fix to a hinge to control the bottom of the box, let the object drop out.
  3. Web camera: the view from the webcam can be projected by MadMapper easily.
  4. OSC(Open Sound Control) message: the protocol to communicate between node.js(receive the data from Arduino) and MadMapper(make the certain quad be visible/invisible)

During the process of producing, I experienced some serious technical problems.

  1. Distance sensor couldn’t detect the value in a stable condition. It got different values in the same situation or stopped working occasionally.
  2. Sending OSC message was not stable as well. The quads in MadMapper can not always be set correctly.
  3. The hinge part was hard to keep balance only with the bamboo stick and cardboard. The degree that Servo motor turns was not stable too.

Nothing is stable in this prototype (gonna crazy).

3nd Prototype: the space for temporary escaping 3

Anyway, in the critic event today, I still got some really practical suggestions to amend the present device.

  1. The location of webCam and projector should be considered. Avoiding to obstruct the sight of the audience. The projection could be extended to every wall around.
  2. Think of more elements to build an environment to relief: sound, sense of touch.
  3. Add the sign to notice the audience what should they input, and mention that they can get their own objects back in the end.
  4. Put the device in public for testing! People’s reaction will be helpful to improve it.

Think in another way:

  1. Looking at the project “Theatre of Healing”, which related to group therapy.
  2. Consider the language of the subconscious.
  3. Can the reactions from audiences such as smile, yelling, punching something…(sounds not kawaii anymore!) be detected inside the space?

Last but not least, there are some precious opinions which make me on the way to the complete conception.

  1. User journey: How to return the audience their object? It should be more than pressing a button merely to end the process of interaction.
  2. Stronger connection between input/output: the therapeutic projection result should be a response to the pressure choice of audience.
  3. Compare with dropping random objects in, Rania suggested that provide something like the piece of papers in different colours or shapes(for example, Kiki and Bubba can be linked to the imagination of different pressure origin), then try to detect their characteristics for leading different result.

Based on the help of these feedbacks, I started the idea to improve my deciding final prototype.
A much stable one hopefully.

3nd Prototype: the space for temporary escaping