Before starting to design for the speculative work, I should ask myself, what my interpretation of speculative design? Of course, Dunne and Raby already listed Critical Design FAQ to introduce its principles. Here, I attempt to make a note for my understanding and highlight.

“A good science fiction story should be able to predict not the automobile but the traffic jam.” American Sci-fi novelist Frederik Pohl stated. For the world which the automobile is invented already, what we need to consider is not merely the design of appearance and features but all the systems. How the automobile affects all the system? What kind of problems might it invoke? Speculative design is no need to be problem-solving, it can be an idea to express the conception and awaken to people’s attention. Build a utopia or dystopia to show hope and fear, dream and disillusion.

For the possible direction of my project, I aim to display my concern in an ironic way. I would like to set an extreme scenario that taking the specific element away. What if human lose the right to love and be loved someday? People usually feel lost after they lost something indeed. For the Elephant and Castle regeneration project, I try to create a satire describing that if people finally achieve the dreamland they dreamed before, this place should be vanishing or reborn? And what should be my perspective provided to the audience?