To build a device/space expressing the idea behind “Your Heart is an Empty Room”, I listed the following questions:

  1. What is the more significant interaction for the audience to trigger the device/space? (more reasonable than just touching the object)
  2. Compared with jelly, is there any better choice of medium to be my interface?
  3. What else consequence after interaction besides the projection to convey the emotion? (sound?)

For the more reasonable scenario, I selected to change my prototype to be a photo sticker booth(プリクラ, purikura). The interior space of the booth would be a narrow personal area allowing people to decorate their photo stickers with any kawaii graffiti and effect. Kawaii culture lovers were must familiar with photo sticker, which means putting the dreamy decorations on the pale reality.

2nd Prototype: photo sticker booth 3

The photo sticker booth I aimed to build will work in an inverse way. Once the shutter button is pressed, all the decorations from the projection will disappear, what the audience get is a snapshot in front of the blank background. It could be a prototype that displaying my idea in an ironic way and providing the context of kawaii culture. Even though staying in a happy place away from the harshness of the world, your heart is still an empty room.

2nd Prototype: photo sticker booth 4

I downloaded the selfie javascript program to evaluate the practicality, but before the technical part, the feedbacks I got reflecting some important problems on conception:

  1. The audiences might think the empty photo sticker if merely a result from the broken machine.
  2. The connection between the input(the selection of audiences) and the output is not strong enough.
  3. How to make the audiences experience the feeling of escape and empty?

For the next stage, these will be the future direction to consider.