For my first prototype, I selected jelly as the medium to explore its possibility. With the following characteristics of jelly:

  1. The distinctive sense of touch and smooth texture which brings therapeutic feeling.
  2. The translucent material which is able to project light.
  3. Plasticity to shape as any cute shapes or character statuette.
  4. It is edible. Eating might be a possible way to interact with the audience.
  5. It worth to explore that how to extend the jelly idea to more haptic design.

I attempted to express the contradictive mental state that self-therapy and escape exist on both sides.

1st Prototype: the fantasy of jelly 11st Prototype: the fantasy of jelly

I made two videos recording the experiments to test the visual effect of LED light and projection.

There were some drawbacks I learned from the experiment so far:

  1. On the technical side: The jelly consists of agar powder was not in a stable situation. Its melting point was not low enough then jelly got into the water gradually in room temperature.
  2. On the conceptional side: How to make the interaction with my audience more meaningful? It should link the action to the conception of escaping rather than just display it.

In this stage, my idea is still not complete enough and I need to have another think coming probably.