In Georgina Voss’ seminar about uncertainty, we discussed the definition of following items:

  1. Known Known
  2. Known Unknown
  3. Unknown Known
  4. Unknown Unknown

In my interpretation, it might connect to the points on the timeline. Our present was shaped by the decisions we made in the past, just as our future is shaped by decisions we make now.

  1. Known Known: the past decisions and results which we already knew
  2. Known Unknown: the unknown present results affected by known present decisions
  3. Unknown Known: the known present decisions and unknown future affected results
  4. Unknown Unknown: the unknown future decisions and result

We already knew the past things which already happened, while the uncertainty is the future thing not happened yet. We feel uncertain about the results we receive now and affected by our present decisions.

Speak of uncertainty, Brexit is one of the representative instances. The citizens’ decisions would determine their possible ideal state, but what are the ideal people long for? If it means the uniform society that race and culture get into more and more single, what is the region gonna be if the diversity disappears gradually? Who’s ideal world it is?