When I was a child, I was really obsessed with the specimens exhibited in the zoo of my city and visited there again and again. The stuffed specimens were positioned in front of the elaborately painted backdrops with the artificial plant, displaying animals in their natural surroundings. My favourite one was a group of wandering wild yak. Every time when I stared at it, I felt crossing the limitation of time and space, and the diorama brought me to the imaginary Tibetan Plateau that I had never seen.

Probably we could view diorama as the work result of making nature. Human order everything according to the classified labels we put on the jars, display lives and observe them behind the glasses. Once they extinct, we are still available to produce a duplication to see them in another way. It not only happened for nature recording, but also for history and society aspect. We re-make thing not here since we wanna meet it again.