ARTBOX is a shop located in Shelton Street, London which sells kawaii character houseware and stationery from Japan and Korea, such as Rilakkuma, Moomin, Monchhichi, Gudetama, Sumikko Gurashi, Domo Kun, Hello Kitty, Mamegoma, Snoopy, My Melody and many. Today, I visited there to observe the customers and merchandises, and had a short conversation to the stuff.

Q: How long have you started the brand?
A: About 8 years. In the beginning, the product was mainly from Korea, but now we focus on Japanese characters.

Q: The style of your brand focus a lot on cute Japanese characters and really closer to Asian kawaii style. Which one do you think is the best selling product?
A: It’s a little bit hard to judge since we have many kinds of characters. But recently we are running the point collection activity for Gudetama products, and it is really popular.

Q: Have you ever attended any related event for the kawaii lovers?
A: Yes we went to Hyper Kawaii and MCM conference.

Q: How do you think of the majority of your customers? Especially the percentage of Asian and European.
A: I think we have both, half and half. Most of them are young girls. But sometimes females purchase our merchandises too. 


When I was in the shop, the situation is identical to her description, both Asian and European customers (Girls seems under 30, and parents with the child) with a normal costume(not Lolita or any other noticeable style) pick up their beloved merchandised there. Many well-designed products of different Japanese characters were provided, and stationary cabinet seems the most popular corner, and I was attracted by some products as well. In my assumption, the reason is kawaii stationaries are both functional and cute in an inconspicuous way. Furthermore, they create the warm and comforting aura to your daily life.