To meet the kawaii lover tribe in London, I search some related events and blogs. Below are the hosts and bloggers I have tried to join or contact so far.

[HYPER Kawaii]

As part of HYPER JAPAN Festival, the biggest Japanese culture event in London, HYPER Kawaii provides live stage performances, Harajuku fashion catwalk and kawaii merchandise booths, which offers a wide selection of clothes, makeup, wigs, and accessories either from Japan or from local UK designers inspired by Japanese aesthetics. Last August, it collaborated with the art project DOMO TIME CAPSULE and let HYPER Kawaii participant join the activity as well. I tried to contact the host but have not got any reply so far.

[MCM Comic Con]

The UK’s biggest modern pop culture event which mainly focuses on the video game, animation, and comics(ACG) lovers. ACG culture is related to kawaii strongly, and lots of kawaii shop in the UK rent the booth there for promoting and selling their brands. I have already booked the latest ticket (26-28/05/2017) and be ready to visit it!

[London Japanese Kawaii & J-Fashion Lovers Meetup]

The group is managed on Meetup website for all lovers of Japanese fashion to know each other and meet members of different fashion style communities. All kinds of Japanese fashion includes Lolita, Gyaru, Fairy Kei, Decoden style, Himekaji, Mori-Kei are all welcome. Unfortunately, I missed their February meetup and have not got any reply from the host so far.

[Kawaii Gazette]

This over 10 years blog is managed by two lovely Italian girls written in both Italian and English. What they discuss about is not only the general stereotype(such as Hello Kitty, shiny pink stuff or Lolita style) but the kawaii elements on really wide aspects. The blog shares kawaii information of lifestyle, Japanese origin characters, handmade craft and even technology products. They have visited London and wrote an article to introduced kawaii in London(though most of them already closed now). I emailed them for the interview to understand more about European kawaii lovers perspective, then they replied me kindly and promised to help me with a written survey. I have sent them the questions and still wait for the result.

[Keep it Secret]

A shop selling kawaii merchandise in many categories both online and in the physical store, which attends MCM con in London annually. The brand collaborates with the Japanese designers and tends more toward common kawaii style in Asia, the products are not exaggerate decorated, adorable and well-designed on visual. The shop staff miss Nami is willing to help me with a written survey being related to their brand characteristic and customers, I have sent her the questions and still wait for the result.