“What sort of society are we trying to realize? How should we act in order to bring it about?”  William Morris, News From Nowhere


So far we’ve decided to focus on a few main themes:

  • sharing mutual memories
  • the participation from community
  • shorten the distance between different culture
  • craft spirit

Initially, our conception(shown in the following figures) was about creating the ideal city or garden based on the current Walthamstow map. On the first presentation in this term, both Betty and me chose map as the format to express each other, and it seems that our perspective still encompass map.

 The map leads to ... 1The map leads to ... 2

The concept developed to the collection of memories from different cultures on the map gradually. It could be a cabinet to list the physical object/virtual image. For getting collections of objects with specific markers of things tied more to a place, a time or experience, we expected to engage in the sentimental connection of the physical object parts, the audience would leave their stories here and bring some stories away.

The map leads to ... 4

Look at the map and imagine people left their home town with memories, it recalled me the idea of desert island discs. People chose their beloved records or books in the limited number that they would take if they were to be cast away on a desert island. One day while a person leave his home town, what’s is the necessary object he can’t discard? In the stranger culture, what’s specific stories, art, films, symbols, music… evoke his memory of home? These necessities would be the objects we remake or remodel, exploring the meaning through this process.