For knowing more about Walthamstow community, we visited there again and I tried to collect the colors from building, plants and people’s clothes, compared it now and then. The color collection plan was not so successful since the color record in William Morris’s generation was only paintings. 

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Walked around in the borough was a nice way of thinking. Betty noticed the little library box and The Salvation Army shop, both of them was based on the spirit of “sharing”. One man’s trash was another man’s treasure, and your every possession might had it own story behind. This conception and the interview we did was significant inspiration to our project direction.

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“Different cultures in the town stay to themselves and separate Polish, Indian, Romanian etc.”  –Romanian woman in Lloyd park.

Our interviewee was picked randomly near or inside William Morris Gallery. For the resident here, the gallery and Lloyd park behind were kind like a place for leisure time. The major resident here was British, but the convenient transport and budget rent price attracted lots of immigrants moved in, caused the multi-culture but separated community nowadays. Gaps still existed between people from different culture.